THerapeutic INnovations for Kids (THINK), a Precision Therapy Enabling Platform within the Luminesce Alliance Advanced Therapeutics Pipeline

Luminesce Alliance has successfully delivered a blueprint for precision medicine for New South Wales and is now integrating precision medicine into the health system through the Enabling Platforms Program (2023-27).

The Enabling Platforms are functional specialisations that cross disease areas and member organisations. Support for leading clinicians and researchers to better understand and apply precision medicine is provided by five Enabling Platforms, of which the Precision Therapy Enabling Platform is one, designed to provide a pipeline that bridges the gap between scientific discovery and the development of new drugs for patients. This Platform has two streams, one of which is the THerapeutic INnovations for Kids (THINK) program, which focuses on discovering and developing novel therapeutics for childhood cancers, genetic diseases, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

THINK was formed within Children’s Cancer Institute to accelerate the development and delivery of new treatments for children with cancer. This program is a disease-agnostic integrated pipeline of technologies, capabilities, and expertise that spans all stages of the drug discovery and development pathway. The overarching aim of the THINK program within the Luminesce Alliance Advanced Therapeutics Pipeline is to extend the THINK project portfolio to include not only cancer, but also new projects in rare genetic diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders.

In this webinar, we will outline THINK, the Advanced Therapeutics Pipeline, our team, and the process for the submission of expression-of-interest (EOIs) and the ways in which projects are reviewed and selected for inclusion in the THINK program. Our goals are to inform clinicians and researchers within the Luminesce Alliance partner organisations of this available resource, and to identify exciting novel biology that can be translated into new therapeutics for childhood illnesses.

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