OUR VISION: To be a transformative and collaborative place of excellence, solving global challenges to enhance and nurture lifelong health.

OUR PURPOSE: In partnership, leverage our scale, diversity and expertise to influence and impact positive health outcomes.



Since its inception in 2016, RHIP has continued to evolve, with ongoing investment in redevelopment and partnership initiatives. It is the crucial anchor of the Greater Cities Commission (GCC) Randwick Collaboration Area Group.

More than 7 years later, our partnership remains extremely committed, with a symbiotic and collaborative culture and dedication to creating a leading precinct that defines itself as being 'greater than the sum of its parts'.

Over $1.5 billion is being invested into RHIP’s physical assets, with three major redevelopments expected to be completed by the end of 2025 as part of the Randwick Campus Redevelopment project.

At RHIP, we are bringing together researchers, start-ups, and corporates to work and live in open ecosystems. Our partnership is connecting experts with each other and breaking down barriers to collaboration in order to make new discoveries to improve clinical practice, and create a destination where people want to work, study, and socialise.

To see where we’re located, please visit this interactive map of the Precinct.  



RHIP has many existing strengths and assets upon which to deliver on its ambition, but to do so, requires concerted and sustained investment in, and curation of, the Precinct over the long-term. This ensures that RHIP attracts medical research institutes, private sector businesses, students and other actors required to make it globally successful. Concurrently, RHIP's robust governance structures enable effective information sharing across the entire partnership, ensuring that co-location benefits are maximised. 


This year, our focus is on putting our Precinct Strategy into action. Our key strategic focus areas include:  

  1. Translational Research: Consumer-led, person-centred approaches focusing on Children’s Cancer, Neuroscience, Mental Health and addiction, Virtual Care, Genomics and Genetics, and Personalised Medicine.
  2. Industry & Innovation: Developing an innovation ecosystem to attract investment in areas like Genomics and Personalised Medicine, Neuroimaging/Mental Health Virtual Care and RNA Medicine, and establish an ideas incubator with start-up foundations in the pre-accelerator phase.
  3. Education: Coordinating, designing and prototyping Inter-professional Education (IPE) projects to leverage the expertise in the Precinct through partnerships and training.
  4. Clinical Services: Co-designing our vision for healthcare across the patient’s lifespan will enable a seamless and cohesive patient and family experience.
  5. Virtual Care: Partnering to establish a precinct virtual care model and framework including decisions around physical space and systems to ensure sustainability in avoiding duplication.
  6. Placemaking: fostering a sense of community through arts and culture, sustainability and inclusive use of Precinct spaces.
  7. Communications & Advocacy: Bringing the Precinct brand to life through storytelling, advocacy, government relations, partnerships and engagement across a range of mediums.


For more information, please view our Precinct Strategy 2021-24 here