Recent global and local reports have consolidated the well-established evidence of the value of arts programming for mental and physical wellbeing, at both individual and community levels. A commitment to arts and cultural programming, and Creative Placemaking, is a central component to progressive health-learning precincts globally.

Through design and creative programs, exhibitions, public workshops, talks and events within the Precinct, RHIP’s Creative Placemaking Program is supporting community connections and clinical outcomes, translating and conveying Precinct research to broad and diverse audiences. Creative projects will enrich staff, visitor and public experience, stimulate creative thinking and initiate new partnerships and collaborations.

Putting people at the centre of place, RHIP's Creative Placemaking Program supports the:

  • Precinct: shaping a vibrant place for staff and students - sparking dialogue, research and collaboration within the partnerships.
  • Patients: strengthening clinical outcomes and supporting visitor wellbeing and experience.
  • Public: providing high-quality creative programs for community health and wellbeing.

The site where the Precinct is located has a rich cultural history through its Aboriginal cultural heritage in the La Perouse community. Program collaborations to support the cultural identity of the Precinct will form a foundational layer within a multi-faceted and expansive creative program.

Creative Placemaking will build the collective wellbeing of students, researchers, health consumers and the general public who live, work, and play within RHIP.

For more information on RHIP’s Creative Placemaking efforts, or to discuss ideas for collaboration, please contact:

Sophie Forbat
Placemaking Curator & Producer